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What is Solar Light£¿

1¡¢System Principle of Solar Lights: The system works simply, using principles of photovoltaic effect of solar cells made from solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and convert to electricity output, through the charge-discharge controller which is stored in batteries at night when the illumination gradually reduced to 10lux around open circuit voltage of solar panels around 4.5V, for charge-discharge controller, when the voltage value detected after the action, the battery will discharge of the lamp. And 8 hours after the discharge of batteries, charge-discharge controller movements to the end of battery discharge. Charge and discharge controller's main role is to protect the battery.
2¡¢How Solar Power System works: During the day time, in the light conditions, the solar cell components can produce a certain electromotive force, and through the formation of the component series-parallel of solar cell matrix to meet the demands of input voltage for square voltage system. And through the charge and discharge controller to recharge batteries, which will be converted from light energy for store up. In the evening, battery for the inverter to provide input power through the role of the direct current into alternating current, and transmit to the distribution cabinets which with the role of switching power supply. The discharge of batteries which controlled by a controller is to ensure the normal use of batteries. PV power plant system should also have the devices for limited load protection and lightning protection, which is to protect the equipment of the system from lightning overload operation and to maintain the safe use of system equipment.
3¡¢Solar street lamp advantages: 
a. Solar street lamp can provide electricity using solar photovoltaic cells, solar energy as a green new energy, "inexhaustible, bottomless." Make full use of solar energy resources and ease the tense situation of conventional energy sources are of positive significance.
b. Solar street lamp installation simple, convenient, no need to do, as ordinary street, a lot of basic engineering the laying of cables, etc., just to have a fixed base, all the lines and control part are placed in the lighthouse, forming a whole. 
c. Solar street lamp cost low for operation and maintenance. Solar lights use solar power, in addition to rainy days which converted to electricity supply will produce a small part of the electricity costs, operating costs almost zero. The entire system is running with automatic control, without human intervention, almost no maintenance costs.